Ordering Questions

Q. I just placed my order but I changed my mind, can I change my request?

A. If you changed your mind please call us 786-615-7928 immediately or email us shopateverafter@gmail.com . If your change request is made within 15 minutes from placing your order we will be able to make the change. However, we are pretty fast and we may not be able to make changes passed the 15 minute window.

Q. I want something custom, can I customize my order?

A. If the product is available we may be able to customize your order for a small fee. If you want to start from scratch with a whole new idea you will need to speak with one of our designers for a custom order.

Q. I placed my order, can I cancel it?

A. Unfortunately you cannot once your order has been placed. In many instances our arrangements are made immediately after your order has been placed. Due to the nature of our products being perishable we cannot provide refunds on any orders.  

Q. If I want to place an order for a specific date when should I order?

A. You should place your order as soon as possible. Make sure to indicate the preferred date of delivery in the notes sections of the order form. If your desired date falls on a weekend please be aware your order will be delivered the following Monday or Friday prior.

Q. I want to add a message card to my order how do I do so?

A. When placing your order please include the message in the notes section.


Product Questions

Q. How should I care for my flowers?

A. Cut your stems about ¼ inch every 3 days and clean out the container and add fresh water. Keeping your arrangement away from harsh sunlit windows and in air conditioned areas would prolong the life of your flowers.  If you received an arrangement that was left at your door step please bring it in immediately. Place a few ice cubes in the water and keep it in a cool area away from a sunny window.

Q. How should I care for my plants?

A. If you received an indoor plant grouping such as ferns or orchids water once weekly. Provide sufficient light by placing your plants by a window. Succulents prefer drier soil, watering once every few weeks would be ideal.

Q. What is my vase or container going to look like?

A. For most of our fresh flower arrangements the vase is either clear glass or a white glass cylinder or square. If you have a preference please indicate in the notes section of your order. If available we will make it happen. For our plants the containers will either be exactly like the image or a similar looking container.

Q. Where do you get your flowers?

A. For the most part we locally source our plants from local farms. Our fresh flowers come from across the country from California or New York, however we do get international product as well. We strive to keep it local to the USA.

Q. Will my arrangement look exactly like the image of the product?

A. Not necessarily, although we do our best to match the look of the desired arrangement sometimes a specific flower or color may not be available. We will provide the best substitution available to match or exceed the value. In the rare case no substitute option is available we will notify you.  

Q. How long should my arrangement last?

A. Depending on the arrangement selection most of our floral selections should have a life span of 1 week to 3 weeks. This is also hugely dependent on the origins of your blooms, cleanliness and conditions of the climate the flowers are exposed to. If your arrangement doesn’t last passed the first 24 hours we guarantee to make a replacement as soon as possible.



Delivery Questions

Q. Does the recipient need to be home?

A. We prefer they are. If they aren’t we will leave the arrangement with a neighbor or at the door step. As you can imagine with the unpredictable weather of South Florida can be problematic. We suggest you select the product accordingly. For example, you know the recipient won’t be home, order a planter.  If recipient lives in a gated community and is not home at the time of the delivery recipient will be notified for pick up or a redelivery fee may apply.

Q. Does someone need to sign for the arrangement?

A. No we do not require signature. This allows our drivers to make their deliveries as quickly and freshly as possible. An additional fee will apply if you require a signature.