Flower Share

Love waking up to a bouquet of fragrant flowers by your bed or coming home to fresh flowers on your kitchen counter? We have the answer for you! 

Join our Flower Share Program! 

It's simple! Select how often you want flowers and how you want to receive them. 

The best value for your dollar is our share program. Each share is just $35


What should I except? 

Well you should never expect the casual bouquets from the grocery store. What you will get is a stunning bouquet of unique high quality blooms. How do Peonies, ranunculus, french tulips and garden roses to name a few sound? Bouquets will be a bunch of one specific type of bloom with accent greens and some times accent blooms. 

Do they come in a vase? 

With your first order you will recieve a complimentary vase in the color and style of your choice. The flowers will be designed around this vase every time. If you sign up for the weekly program you will get a secondary vase midway. 

Can I make custom requests? 

Yes, however this is a share program designed around seasonal availability. However, we do love to impress so let us know how we can help. 

How will I get my flowers? 

You can choose to have them delivered. In which case a specific price will be assigned to your order dependent on location. Otherwise you can pick up at our studio.

How long will my flowers stay fresh for? 

Since we will be sending you unique blooms and these tend to not be native to Florida or the US some product may last as little as 4-5 days but as long at 7-8 days.